Our dentists at San Francisco Dental Arts have completed hands-on courses from the
Bioclear® Learning Center in Tacoma, Washington.

Bioclear® sets our dentists apart those who provide typical “bonding” procedures. The technique has revolutionized dental restorations by bringing new dimensions to aesthetics and function through cutting-edge procedural advances. It provides affordable options with superior results.

Many of our patients have never heard of Bioclear® and they have questions about this treatment. Here are the answers to some of your most asked questions.


Not only does it fit into our philosophy of conservative, minimally invasive dentistry, but our dentists would want affordable, longer lasting, stronger, and aesthetically superior work in our mouths — wouldn’t you?

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

We believe the substantial financial investment in high quality materials, additional equipment, and continuing courses to learn progressive methods are worth the cost because that’s how we would want it if procedures were to be done to us. Patient-centered care is our primary goal and we constantly strive to provide excellent dental care and treatment.


Anyone who needs a filling.

Insurance companies believe fillings will need to be replaced within 2 years, we hope that your fillings would last longer with the Bioclear technique. Whenever a filling is replaced, the more tooth structure you will lose.

Anyone with an aging smile due to “black triangles” because of receding gums.

If you have “black triangles” you are more prone to get food stuck and accumulate excessive plaque.

Anyone who wants veneers or to strengthen worn, broken, and unsightly teeth.

Bioclear uses specially designed clear matrices and warm injection molding technique with no or minimal damage to your tooth structure. The restorations are “monolithic” and not layered, which makes it 3x times stronger than normal “bonding”. We can rejuvenate chipped or worn edges of teeth and all is of this is done with no or minimal damage. Also, a Bioclear Veneer is less expensive, repairable than a porcelain veneer and it saves tooth structure. Tooth structure loss in placing a veneer is irreversible and once they fracture, they cannot be repaired. Not only is it natural looking, but treatment can be completed on the same day.

Are you interested in longer lasting restorations, to reshape your teeth, or to close “black triangles” to create an attractive smile?