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Nitrous oxide and my oral health

Posted on 2/20/2023 by San Francisco Dental Arts
Nitrous oxide and my oral healthYou may find that your baby is afraid of going to the dentist; this is natural for adults as well. Sedation will be used by the dentist to assist your kid to relax during a dental operation. Our dentists will go over the various types of sedation that will be used to help your child relax. Sedation soothes the nerves and aids in relaxation.

The laughing gas

This is a sedation method that involves breathing in laughing gas using a mask. The combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide will assist the youngster in remaining calm and reducing their anxiety levels. The dentist will have a stress-free examination and treatment of the children, and oxygen will be used afterward to eradicate any remaining nitrous oxide gas.

Relaxing by IV sedation

This sort of sedation helps to relax your kid; however, because the administration is done through the use of needles, you should first talk to your child about not being afraid of needles. The needle is inserted into a vein behind the hand. This method of sedation virtually puts the youngster to sleep, allowing a dental operation to be performed while the child may not remember anything.

After the surgery, the anesthesia begins to wear off, and the kid is given pain relievers if he or she has any discomfort. Our dental team is skilled and will offer you the best sedation option for you. The dentist will administer nitrous oxide to ensure that you have a relaxed dental procedure. It is priority for our team to ensure the comfort of all our patents while they are in our care in our offices.

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